What to eat and drink to help beautiful skin


Collected over thousands of years, the nutritional factors considered beneficial for skin health are:

The first benefit of water is to help the skin stay in shape. When dehydrated (for example, when dehydrated due to diarrhea) the skin will become wrinkled, looking “old” completely. Water keeps the skin tight and reduces wrinkles. Water also helps skin cells easily absorb nutrients from the blood as well as easily remove toxins.

When the body is well-hydrated, the skin becomes ruddy because the blood vessels right under the skin are abundant, helping us to see the pink color of red blood cells (especially in people with light skin). The amount of water considered enough for the body is about 1.8 liters of water per day.

Besides water, other elements that are indispensable for the life of the skin are proteins, sugars and fats.


Today, we know that oxidants (free radicals, for example) are the source of many diseases such as heart disease, cancer, metabolic disease, etc. In addition, oxidants also cause many disadvantages. wait.

Therefore, an adequate supply of antioxidants will help keep the skin healthy. Antioxidants help keep cells healthy, preventing or slowing cell damage caused by free radicals. The damage to skin cells caused by free radicals usually manifests through wrinkles, dry skin.

Vitamin A is considered a tonic for the skin and eyes. Eyes are easily blurred, skin is easily dry, scaly when lacking vitamin A. Therefore, vitamin A is essential for the health of skin tissue. Some clinical studies show that when the body is adequately supplied with vitamin A, wrinkles are reduced, acne is reduced, and symptoms of psoriasis are reduced.

Yellow and red vegetables often contain a lot of vitamin A (gac, carrots, oranges, watermelons…). Eggs and milk too. These foods help to retain water in the lower layers of the skin, thereby avoiding the formation of wrinkles on the skin.

Vitamin C helps protect the skin against the sun. In addition, vitamin C also helps repair cell damage caused by free radicals (they destroy fibers that help skin firmness such as collagen and elastin), help skin to be firm, slow down the aging process. skin aging.